Welcome to Prax Village

A community for liberty-minded homeschoolers on the New Hampshire Seacoast.

Who We Are

Prax Village is a community of liberty-minded homeschooling families who have chosen to raise our children outside of the conventional school system. We provide support, social time with friends, and extra-curricular opportunities to over one hundred children living around the Seacoast area of New Hampshire and Maine, from babies to teens. We welcome homeschooling families of all educational philosophies, using any style of curriculum or no curriculum at all. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for decades, your family will be at home here!

What We Do

Make New Friends at Life Learning Co-op

While your kids run free on the Praxeum’s large shaded lawn or climb to the top of the lighthouse playhouse, you can connect and chat with fellow parents. Everyone from newly-walking toddlers to teens play, learn, and grow together. This unstructured social meetup is our weekly drop-in anchor event and runs year-round.

Attend Exclusive Seasonal Parties

Every season brings a new reason to celebrate at the Praxeum with family and friends! Make lasting memories year-round at the Valentines Exchange, Freecoast Egg Hunt, Midsummer Potluck, Halloween Trunk or Treat, and Enlightenment: A Winter Solstice Celebration.

Participate in Classes, Clubs, and Playgroups

We offer a variety of classes and programs during the week, organized into 8-week sessions. Villagers have participated in math club, music classes, LEGO club, Spanish, soccer, book club, theater productions, and so much more! Prax Village members are empowered to organize activities for all to enjoy, and groups of families with similar interests and needs are encouraged and assisted in forming small co-ops to learn together — Chemistry and Medieval History are two subjects currently studied by small groups at the Praxeum. Sessions usually include a playgroup for our younger members, as well as special discussion times specifically for older kids.

Discover Field Trips and More!

We create fun opportunities around the region exclusively for Prax Village members, like our field trip to the NH Farm Museum or sailing classes with the Gundalow Company. Parents can connect and recharge at our Ladies’ Book Club and Anarcraft meetups. We provide Educator Identification Cards to use for retail teacher discounts. Members can schedule their end-of-year portfolio evaluations at the Praxeum with a trusted evaluator, or attend the Curriculum Show and Share to see different curricula in person. 

Join Us!

Become a Prax Village member anytime by choosing a plan below. We are a completely volunteer-run organization and all contributions go toward operating costs and maintenance for our community center, the Praxeum. If you have questions or would like more information before you join, please email [email protected].